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Say hello to Abi Edmunds

Abi is a speaker, coach, facilitator and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist based in the Midlands, UK. She draws on breadth of experience having worked in a range of sectors, which include B2B sales, team management, occupational health and private and public health care. 


Over the years, Abi has been building her portfolio of speaking experience, completing workshops in schools, local groups and international conferences. With a passion to help others improve their wellbeing, combined with a particular interest in societies use of social media, Abi founded Social Media Resilience®  in 2020. This is a growing mission working to help individuals develop mental resilience to the negative impacts of social media use. 

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Behaviour change & breakthrough consultations. Achieve change fast, reach your goals with success & experience personal success.

Underpinned with psychology & neuroscience, Abi's talks & workshops to give you the resources to make you unstoppable to overcome any challenge & achieve your goals. 

Abi is a skilled health care professional, specialising as an Occupational Health Physiotherapist, and rehabilitation Personal Trainer.

"I got stuck in a mindset for 30 years but Abi changed my perspective. It was an enlightening moment, and I haven't fallen back into the old mindset since. It has been a subconscious healing step in my life. I am so grateful to her."

"After months of sporadic, unfocused training I decided to have some personal training sessions Abi. After only a few weeks of 1 to 1 sessions I have made huge improvements with my technique, mobility and overall fitness."

"Such a good coach call, thank you Abi! You helped me realise the things I need to overcome my fear and achieve my goals, and I can already see a positive impact in my life where I feel better. Highly recommend Abi's coaching! "