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The Happy Coach 

Say hello to Abi Edmunds MSc BSc MCSP HCPC IBNLP

Abi is a unique motivational speaker and facilitator of resilience and success in life. She brings authenticity, humour and flare to her subject -  she’s known as @the.happycoach for a reason! A skilled coach and trainer helping you develop a life of happiness on your terms. 


With skills across a range of domains, Abi brings experience from professional contexts that include corporate sales, healthcare, leisure and occupational health. She practices as a Physio, works as a manager of a sales team and is working to bring her message about Social Media Resilience to the world (read below). 


First and foremost, Abi brings energy into the room when she walks in! She has a no crap, practical and honest approach, which makes for an interesting, engaging and entertaining speaker. 

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Talks & Workshops

The best way to develop mental resilience to the negative impacts of Social Media use for your employees colleagues & students.


Learn about the effects Social Media is having on you, your mental wellbeing & habits. Awareness is the first step to empowering change.


Tasks designed to challenge your Social Media status quo, shift your perspective & change your Social Media habits.


Walk away empowered with new strategies for mental resilience, healthy Social Media use & happiness. 

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Upcoming Events

The International NLP Conference 2022

In an image obsessed world, stop posing and start living with Social Media Resilience

Thursday 19th May @7.30pm

"I got stuck in a mindset for 30 years but Abi changed my perspective. It was an enlightening moment, and I haven't fallen back into the old mindset since. It has been a subconscious healing step in my life. I am so grateful to her."

"After months of sporadic, unfocused training I decided to have some personal training sessions Abi. After only a few weeks of 1 to 1 sessions I have made huge improvements with my technique, mobility and overall fitness."

"Such a good coach call, thank you Abi! You helped me realise the things I need to overcome my fear and achieve my goals, and I can already see a positive impact in my life where I feel better. Highly recommend Abi's coaching! "

Behaviour change & breakthrough consultations. Achieve change fast, reach your goals with success & experience personal success.

Underpinned with psychology & neuroscience, Abi's talks & workshops to give you the resources to make you unstoppable to overcome any challenge & achieve your goals. 

Abi is a skilled health care professional, specialising as an Occupational Health Physiotherapist, and rehabilitation Personal Trainer.