What clients needs to know

Prior to the event can you please ensure that you have completed the speaker questionnaire and returned to the booker. 


Ideally Abi is best placed on your timetable just after a break as she needs 5-10 minutes to prepare her delivery area.


In order to deliver at her highest possible standard and due to the nature of Abi’s keynote speeches, Abi requires the following to be provided for her on the day:


Access to the room, prior to the talk, to prepare

One table

One jug containing two litres of still water (no ice)

One glass

One blank company or venue letterhead

For audiences in number between 5 and 80 could you please provide a stable flipchart stand and pad.

Could you please provide access to and a screen and projector for my PowerPoint. Alternatively I can provide this prior to the delivery to upload to your system. 


To introduce Abi Edmunds please read the following exactly;


Our next speaker explores the impacts of social media use, how you can stop posing & start living in an imaged obsessed world! Her talk is entitled, ‘Social Media Resilience - stop posing, start living” please give a warm welcome to Abi Edmunds - The Happy Coach!