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The Happy Coach

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Discover all the tools you need to improve your health, find happiness and create balance in a digital world. 


The Rehab2Fit Programme

Our 12 Week Injury Rehabilitation Physiotherapy and Sport Performance Program.

The program is tailored to help you recover from injury, and get back to your pre-injury fitness level, using a combination of strength and conditioning training.

  • Perfect for the regular gym goer, runner, lifter etc.

  • Ideal for individuals recovering from an injury or looking to improve their physical performance.

  • Work with our expert rehabilitation Physiotherapists and personal trainers. 

Welcome to The Happy Coach

Welcome to The Happy Coach

Welcome to The Happy Coach

Behaviour Change Coaching

1-2-1 online coaching and experience a positive change in your daily life, goals and perspective.

Work with The Happy Coach to identify and overcome the obstacles that are holding you back, helping you to develop a happier and healthier mindset.

  • Ideal for those who feel stuck in their mindset, habits or lifestyle.

  • Perfect for individuals who feel like they stop start and never get their intended results.

  • Learn from expert evidenced based behaviour change coaching techniques.


Discover Digital Balance

Develop a healthier relationship with technology and find digital balance. 

Digital balance is more important than ever as we spend more time online. It’s important to develop sustainable and healthy digital habits.


  • Perfect for those who feel overwhelm by digital world and want to find balance.

  • Ideal who individuals who want a pathway to manage their online habits.

  • Written with the most up to date information on digital health.

Take charge of your wellbeing today.

Don't let pain, injury, or bad habits hold you back any longer! Click the button below to fill out our intake form. 

who we are...

The Happy Coach is the home of balance and wellbeing.


We combine physical, mental with digital wellbeing so you feel empowered offline and online.

Backed with over 10 years of experience in the fitness and behavioural change world, we believe it is possible to find physical and mental wellbeing in our ever increasing digital world.

Ready to start? Fill out our intake form and discover tailored resources for your wellbeing.

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