About Abi

Abi started her career in the fitness industry at age 17. Now, Abi has a MSc in Rehabilitation Sciences, is an NLP Trainer & qualified Physiotherapist. She has accumulated  a wealth of experience working in the fitness & personal development industries, as well as in private & public healthcare workplaces. From teaching group exercises classes, to coaching 1-2-1 as a Personal Trainer, to working as an independent Behaviour Change & Rehabilitation Specialist alongside health care professionals, Abi delivers excellence to her clients and gets results.


Over the years of successfully developing coaching & business enterprises, and with a 2 year stint in the corporate medical world working for Johnson & Johnson Ltd, Abi applies her technical & practical commercial skill set to to growing her coaching & NLP training practice in Birmingham. 


Abi believes in what she delivers, having applied the same skills she uses with her clients on herself. This enabled her to overcome the adversity of an isolating abusive relationship and redirect her life on her terms, rebuilding a coaching business from scratch within 12 months. Abi is passionate about empowering others to overcome adversity & experience their potential.