About Abi

Abi started her career in the fitness industry at age 17. Now, Abi has a MSc in Rehabilitation Sciences, is an NLP Trainer Associate & qualified Physiotherapist. She has accumulated  a wealth of experience working in the fitness & personal development industries, as well as in private & public healthcare workplaces and occupational health. Abi delivers excellence to her clients and gets results.

Having trained as a coach & NLP practitioner in 2013, Abi has been on a journey developing her skills & coaching business since. In the early days her focus was on body image & confidence. This built the foundation  of what you find here today - Social Media Resilience. Her passion to to reach 100s of people with her empowering message, with the hope that just one person can live a happier & more authentic life as a result.

 Abi is passionate about empowering others to overcome adversity & experience their potential.