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The Get Unstuck Coaching Process

Have you been in a maze? 

You are wandering around trying to find your way to somewhere or maybe you are searching for the treasure at the centre of the maze. All you can see is the large hedges either side and the pathway in front. Maybe you keep hitting dead ends and going back on yourself and it feels like you are repeating history, like you are getting no closer to your goal. 

Our minds are a little bit like a maze. Like the pathway and hedges either side, we only know what we know - our experience. Sometimes the path can be frustrating because it leads to an outcome that you didn’t want or didn’t meet your expectations. You retrace your steps, choosing a different pathway and hoping for an alternative outcome. Over time, you create a map for your maze learning to avoid certain pathways and choosing the ones that bring you more happiness, success and freedom. Or maybe, you keep hitting dead-ends, knowing that if you could get through the hedge that stops you there you will find your treasure. 

You want to experience something different in life but don’t know how to get it. So understandably, you look for solutions online and find a service or coach that promises you the results and life you have been trying to get on your own. You start their programme enthusiastically with high energy ready for the changes the service has promised you. 

The coach or service gives you a more thorough map than the one you created yourself through experience. This means it has the route to the treasure at the centre of the maze clearly highlighted. Except when you follow the instructions on the map, you encounter problems in your maze which are not accounted for on the map given to you – hedges and barriers that shouldn’t be there with no way to get around them. This stops you from going forward towards your results. So, once again you retrace your steps back to the start, frustrated, blaming yourself and the coach you spent money on. 

Fortunately, neither your maze nor the map given to you are to blame – they just don’t match! When the coach gave you a methodology for success, it was his methodology for success; it is a map that works for his maze. Everyone’s maze is different, so everyone’s map is different. In order to find your treasure at the centre of your maze, you have to discover your own pathway to get there. With Get Unstuck, you create a map that gets your results quicker, or you can change the layout of your maze to look exactly as you would like it to – the choice is yours! 

Coaching with Get Unstuck 

The coaching process is like us working together to build a viewing platform in the middle of your maze. From here you will look down with perspective; you will see which hedges keep you stuck, where the treasure is and the pathway to get there. You can decide to leave everything as it is and now have a clear map of how to get to your goals, or you can become a landscape gardener – cut down hedges, grow hedges and bury new treasure - you decide!


The process is yours. You’ll walk away with the results you actually want, not the results I’ve decided to sell to you. It’s real, practical, results-focused coaching that meets you where you are at right now to move you to where you want to be. I can proudly say that when you work with me, every penny will be worth it. Don’t just take my word for it, book in a free 20 minute telephone consultation to discover what is possible - contact me now!

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