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“I got stuck in a mindset for 30 years but having talked to Abi, who listened with an open mind and she changed my perspective, which I needed someone to show me how to do. Hence, it was an enlightening moment, and I haven’t fallen back into the old mindset since so it has been a subconscious healing step in my life. And I am grateful to her.”

"Such a good coach call thank you Abi. Helped me realise a few things and the things I need to consider to get over my fear and achieve my goals, and I can already see a positive impact in my life where I feel better. Really recommend these coaching calls."

Weight Loss Transformation Participant

Weight Loss Transformation Participant

"The mindset coaching I've had with Abi has been truly eye opening and has progressively helped me motivate myself in and out of training."

Weight Loss Transformation Participant

Beth Stirling

Maragaret Douglas

"Abi is a great role model for anyone wanting to improve their confidence and achieve personal success. Her health and fitness knowledge, combined with her technical mindset skills, make her an effective and inspiring partner on the road to change. Grab the opportunity to work with Abi on your goals!"

Peter Freeth, FRSA Chartered MCIPD 

“I had a session with Abi about eating, and its impact was unreal! I struggle with mindless bored eating when I’m in the house and in the evenings. Abi has made me more conscientious about my actions and we worked toward some methods of alleviating the pointless empty feeling that lead to my snacking.”

Weight Loss Transformation Participant

"I worked with Abi on improving my public speaking skills. She was professional in all aspects and used some new techniques that I hadn't experienced before which really helped me develop my confidence in my speeches along with reducing my levels of stress. Would highly recommend."

Calum Macdonald, Dragon's Den Participant

"Abi is a great coach, I highly recommend! She is very friendly so you feel at ease talking to her!"

Adele Aide, Student 

"Abi has a fantastic insight into the language you use, seeing not always what you say but why you say it."

Coach and Trainer

"Abi is a great coach! She really changed my perspective on a problem I’d been stuck about for a long time. Very grateful and I would highly recommend."

Kate Barnaby, Business Owner 

"After struggling for months of being out of a routine, I decided to contact Abi for some help on why I was struggling  and to help me progress to become happier and stronger within myself. After only a few sessions I have noticed a massive difference and feel like I am way more aware of how I am feeling and the way in which this has influenced my life."

Emma Starling

"Your coaching has got me thinking deeply on why I got stuck and gained weight and not lost any. For a long time, I've felt like a failure and weak so to indirectly protect myself, I have inadvertently build this barrier separating me from the world."

Weight Loss Transformation Participant

"Abi has really catered to my individual needs. I would highly recommend if you are struggling with anything at all."

Weight Loss Transformation Participant

"I had the privilege to be one of the judges at the Professional Speaking Association Competition and I witnessed Abi deliver her talked to a  packed room. I have to say I was very impressed with her style of delivery as well as the content. She had poise and confidence and her stagecraft was excellent as was her delivery. She is a very good speaker who has the potential to go very far in the speaking industry."

John Dabrowski, Interantional Speaker

"I recently had the opportunity to see Abbie deliver an outstandingtalk at the Professional Speakers Association. Her ability to getacross a very powerful and inspiring message was impressive. I'm glad that she is part of my network and look forward to seeingher talk more in the future."

Joe Burns, IT Business Owner and Consultant 

"Abi has a unique ability to make you think whilst she seems like she is just telling you a story of her life. Not even for a second was I forced to anaylse my own experiences whilst listening to Abi's talk, and yet she helped me reach my light bulb moment! A young lady who walks her talk, I highly recommend her!"

Olga Geidane, Mindset Coach and Speaker

"I have notice a massive difference and feel like I am more in tune with myself. Thank you."

HR Professional 

"Would highly recommend"

Fitness Professional 

"Abi really helped develop my confidence as well as reducing my stress levels."

Sales Person

Weight Loss Transformation Participant

"Abigail has been extremely inspiring and I enjoy her uplifting words."

Trudy Stucklik, Insurance Professional

"Very professional and motivational speaker and coach."

IT Professional

"Abi is lively and insightful. She has really mastered the art of language analysis. She not
only listens but also hears."


"I met Abigail at a multi day training event and was lucky enough to partner with her on numerous occasions. Her knowledge and application of NLP. coaching methodology and advanced communication skills is of a very high level and I recommend her without reservation."

Jamies Beaumont, Learning and

Development Manager

"I love working with Abi! She is very knowledgable and professional in everything she does! Lovely personality and good fun! I'm looking forward to working with her again very soon."

Stuart Betteridge, Manager and Coach

"I have shared a number of training experiences with Abigail. I have found her knowledgeable and helpful."

Mark Harris, Mid Wife and Trainer 

"After just under a week following the programme, I have already lost 1/2 inch around my stomach and noticed a difference in myself. I'm not feeling bloated or sluggish as all like I usually would!"

Personal Training Client 

"I had the tools the entire time; Abi just helped me unlock them."


"After working with Abi, there was less pointless panic, like I was in control."


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