NLP Practitioner 


Become a certified NLP Practitioner. This is an 8 day NLP course. 

Module 1 : 29th October 2021 – 1st November 2021

Module 2: 4th February 2022 - 7th February 2022

Module 1 

Day 1

  • Increase self awareness 

  • Understand subjective experience and reality 

  • Fundamentals of behaviour change 

  • Increase receptiveness to change 

  • State management 

  • Learn the skills to quickly Reduce stress responses in yourself and others

Day 3 

  • Developing mental agility 

  • Resolving emotional conflicts in yourself and relationships 

  • Overcome negative beliefs and feelings 

  • Discover your hidden talents and optimise your performance 

  • Understand worry and how to change it

Day 2 

  • Fundamentals of behaviour change - habit change

  • Influencing positive behaviour change with language 

  • Setting goal you actually achieve and follow through on 

  • Discover the principles for a happy and success life

  • Habit change - stop overeating, snacking and getting frustrated

  • Well formed outcomes 


Day 4 

  • Overcome fears and phobias 

  • More technique for reducing stress and worry 

  • The change process for yourself and others 

  • Essential steps of personal transformation 

  • Resolving past emotional traumas and conflicts.

Module 2

Day 5 

  • Understand how we use language to create and resolve problems in our life

  • Learn language techniques to reduce stress

Day 7 

  • Techniques to change long standing patterns of behaviour 

  • Learn to change cyclical patterns of behaviour 

  • Break through technique for transformational change​

Day 6

  • Listening to language in others 

  • Using language for behaviour change 

Day 8 - optional 

  • Certification to become an NLP Health Coach 

  • Review and feedback ​